How Much Do I Need To Invest To Open My Own Yogurt In Love?

The investment is definitely less compared to other frozen yogurt franchise brands out there in the market. This is mainly because of two reasons: you get more with your franchise with Yogurt In Love; and ours has Zero Franchise Fee.

We want our customers to have the best yogurt experience when they buy our products. To do that, we have to make sure that our franchisees also get the best experience in selling our products. This is why we consider our franchisees our partners. Your success is our success as well. We begin by helping you make your dream of having your own frozen yogurt franchise a reality. Our package is very hard to beat. It is has everything you need to start up and maintain your franchise operation. It includes design, equipment, training, marketing, operation and support. All this at zero franchise fees.

How much does it cost?

Every franchise will have its own peculiar and unique set of specifications and needs. As such, costing will always be based on the accumulation of these needs and specifications. But because our packages are based on set variables, it becomes easier and more efficient to come up with a feasible costing.

The Zero Franchise Fee

Yes, you heard it right; we charge ZERO franchise fees. All the money you invest in your franchise goes to the creation and maintenance of your frozen yogurt store. Off the bat, this already means a savings of $25,000 to $50,000.

Lowest Royalty Fees

Our royalty fee is pegged at 4%, by far one of the lowest in the frozen yogurt franchise industry. Add to that our fantastic franchise package and our zero franchise fee, and you have the best frozen yogurt franchise package possible.

Other Package Perks

If you have no idea what the store should look like, we can provide you with store design and architectural plans. If you have difficulty deciding on the store location, we can help you in making a diligent review of your choice location. And there’s more: we throw in free marketing. Yes, we will provide all the needed marketing and design support for your business for free.

Getting Down to the Specifics

If you want to find out more and really get into the details of opening your very own store, get in touch with us. Call us through our Contact Us page or fill out the request franchise information below.

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